• What about my insurance?

While Dr. Sneed will not be filing on your insurance for office services, your insurance can still be used for lab work, medications, medical imaging, specialists consults and hospital care. None of this will change. And if you can sign-up for a plan with fewer office services and/or higher deductible, the savings on your monthly premiums could pay for your membership! See the comparison below.

• How can DPS work for you?

As mentioned above, patients can still use their insurance for certain services, such as lab and x-rays. For those without insurance, we have negotiated discounted labs and x-rays from our partners. Many specialists have also agreed to work with us for cash discounts. But the best way to get value from DPS is to sign up for a plan with a high deductible.

HSA - and qualified High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) offer the catastrophe protection everyone should have at a significantly lower cost than low deductible co-pay health insurance plans. I call high deductible plans "DPS friendly" since they usually have a deductible payment required for office visits. These HSAs make DPS affordable for almost anyone.H

• Can I just pay cash and not be a member?
No. Dr. Sneed will only see members.

• Can I be seen without an appointment?
We prefer to know if you are coming in so you can have enough time, but same day appointments will be available.

• What happens when Dr. Sneed goes on vacation?
Staff will still be available and Dr. Sneed can be contacted to coordinate health care needs.

• Why would I pay extra for health care when I already have health insurance?
Because health insurance is not health care. Removing beauracracy and third-party interference and improving access to your primary doctor will improve outcomes and healthcare delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Putting Service Back into Healthcare
Daniel P. Sneed, DO
Daniel P. Sneed, DO
Putting Service Back into Healthcare