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Daniel P. Sneed, DO
Direct Patient Services Terms and Conditions
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Daniel P. Sneed, DO
Putting Service Back into Healthcare
The following terms and conditions apply to the membership agreement between Dr. Daniel P. Sneed (also named Direct Patient Services or DPS) 
and the patient.

1. The patient agrees to pay DPS the agreed upon yearly fees. DPS may modify these fees at the beginning of any contract year.

2. The medical services that Dr. Sneed agrees to provide are those that would normally be expected to be provided in a family practice environment. 
    Dr. Sneed also agrees to provide the services listed below at no additional costs:

            a. All in-office visits, including an annual health exam with diagnostic tests deemed appropriate by Dr. Sneed for that particular patient that can 
                be completed in the office.
            b. Office visites will be scheduled to provide unhurried time to meet the patient's needs.
            c. Coordination with specialty care providers to ensure that there is communication between all involved physicians providing your medical care.
            d. 24/7 access to Dr. Sneed by text, phone, or email (Email should be used for non-emergency communication.)
            e. During any absence by Dr. Sneed, DPS will provide the services of an appropriate licensed healthcare provider for assistance in obtaining 
                medical services.
            f. The patient will be seen by Dr. Sneed at the time of appointment without unnecessary waiting room time.
            g.The patient is guaranteed same day or next day scheduled appointments Monday - Friday.

3. This agreement is not a substitute for health insurance or health plan coverage. It would be in your best interest to obtain and keep active health 
     insurance policies to cover you and your family members for healthcare costs. The patient understands that fees for any medical services provided 
     to the patient by other than Dr. Sneed must be paid directly to such providers, and that Dr. Sneed will not be involved in submitting claims for such 
     services. Dr. Sneed will, however, assist the patient with needed referrals to specialists.

4. This agreement may be terminated by either party without showing cause upon 30 days prior written notice. This agreement shall also terminate 
    upon the death of the physician or the patient. Unless previously terminated as mentioned above, the agreement will automatically renew for the 
    successive year.

5. Direct Patient Services may from time to time amend this agreement and will notify the patient in writing, with no less than 60 days notice. The 
    patient will be deemed to have agreed to the amendment unless the patient notifies DPS in writing that he or she does not agree to such 
    amendment, in which event this agreement will terminate in the same time and manner as a voluntary termination as described in Paragraph 4 

Dr. Daniel P. Sneed.