• Unlimited Direct Access
Phone, text, email - whatever works best for you. Often medical issues can be handled this way without an office visit being needed. This could keep you from having to go to an Urgent Care facility after hours, which can often cost $120 to $200 for a simple visit. If you choose or need to come in, same day appointments are available.

• No Hidden Fees
No Co-pay, no charge for in-office procedures, no kidding!

• Unhurried Visits
If you need or want a longer, unhurried viist with Dr. Sneed, it can be arranged at no extra charge.

• Negotiated Discounts
While patients with insurance can use their insurance for prescriptions, x-rays and lab services outside the office, some patients either do not have insurance or have high deductibles. For these services, Dr. Sneed has negotiated significant discounts for his members.

• Children
Services include school physicals but not immunizations.

Putting Service Back into Healthcare
Daniel P. Sneed, DO
Putting Service Back into Healthcare
Daniel P. Sneed, DO
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